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Incineration Plants Operated and Managed by CTCI Honored with the Excellence Awards in EPA 2016-2017 Annual Appraisal

CTCI Honored with 2017 Hexagon Intergraph Smart Materials Excellence Award for Successful Deployment of Intergraph Smart Materials Solutions for Materials Management

Fostering young talents with a focus on sustainable development
“2017 Youth Sustainability Leadership Camp” Successfully Held by CTCI EF and TAISE

Global Development, Local Prosperity
CTCI Education Foundation "2017 Zhishan Magnificence - Shilin Cultural Festival"

CTCI Corp. and KD Holding Listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine in 2017

CTCI Corporation Moves Upward in Several Rankings of 2017 ENR Magazine

CTCI Turns Idle Landfill Into Photovoltaic Power Facility

CTCI selected as a member of DJSI component for three years in a row

CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu Honored with 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award by Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers

CTCI Builds “ECOVE”, an International Resource Cycling Brand, and Demonstrates Taiwan’s First Class Environmental Management and Intelligent Solutions